Ladan Ghajar was raised in Tehran, Iran, into a family of artistic background. In 1985 she moved to
U.S with her family and lived in Chicago. Her curiosity and desire to find herself and her true purpos
in life, motivated her to dig into many different subjects, as she was studying in collages. Through he
writing and poetry she tried to express her feeling and thought.
Ladan’s calling for art, began in 1998, through a powerful and introspective dream, which transforms
her world to another level as explorer, and change her life into the surreal realm of beauty of forms,
colors and shapes forever.

In 2000, she traveled to her home country and began taking art lessons with well-know Iranian artists and worked with various painters for one year. Then, she came back to U.S and continues her learnin process.
In 2006, she received the honor of Presidential Merit Scholarship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she graduated in visual art. She later began working as a professional artist, conveying messages and voices, that powerful art could have, through paintings, drawings, writing, and poetry. Despite of the challenges she encountered through her life, she never stopped following th vision she received in her dream, as immense awakening of her identity.
Oil and acrylic paint are her friendly mediums on canvas. Ink, watercolors and mix media, are additional mediums used in expressing her art. Her vivid and rich colors of forms and dimensions, wi figurative signature images, described her art transformations from abstract impressionism to surrealism and to her most recent interest in Symbolism. The harmony of colors and the rhythmic narrative compositions are representative and subjective, which are noticeable in her paintings by people at first glance.

Her artwork has been shown nationally and internationally. In exhibitions at The School of Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago’s Cultural Center, North Eastern University of Chicago, Union Street Gallery, Chicago, IL, Strictly Local Gallery, Chicago, IL, Eyes to the Skies Festival, Naperville, IL, and many other galleries around Chicago and in the surrounding suburbs. She’s also had exhibition overseas in Tehran, Iran, at the Atbin Gallery, Kamaleddin Behzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran, and other galleries, as solo and group exhibition, in addition to the Gora Gallery, in the heart of downtown Montreal, Canada, as part of a group exhibition. She has had many other group and solo exhibitions throughout her profession as an artist.

Art is the vessel that enabled Ladan to portray what she saw in her dream in relation to the unity and beauty of nature and human existence. Other influences in her art was the ideas of Andre Breton, Wassily Kandinsky and the work of Dali, Chagall, Miro, Rothko, Matta and Kandinsky, who opened up many other doors for her. In the world of psychology, Carl Jung was the most influential person who has had a profound revelation on her inner wisdom. And in philosophy, mainly, Friedrich Nietzsche helps her to understand, the root of our dysfunctional society in large. Ladan’s recent body of work is now involving the historical invasions of symbolism in the form of narrative perspective o our ancestors. She currently works in her private studio at Water Street Studio in Batavia and lives in Naperrvile, IL.

Ladan’s art seeks to encourage people to raise questions about the world we live in and challenge the status quo, and our perception of reality. Her Eastern and Western cultures give her a unique outlook and inspirations for life and her artwork. She believes that the most powerful art is one that can speak to all human beings, despite our differences and where we come from.

Current Community Affiliation / Membership:

The School / Art Institute Of Chicago
Chicago Cultural Center
Chicago Artist Coalition
Hung it Up Chicago
Chicago Artist Resource
Chicago Artist Network
Contemporary Art Network
Chicago Creative Artist
Cultural Planning Group


2006 Presidential Merit Scholarship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
2005 President’s Recognition of Academic Excellence from Triton college.
1988 Associate Degree with Honors from Truman College